June 22, 2006
You will perish under maximum deletion.

I love the fact that Doctor Who is now mainstream enough that Atrios references it in jokes.

Wow, now that I think about it, that's a really fucking sad definition of 'mainstream': spoken about on blogs. You want to feel like the fringiest of the fringe? Try being a Doctor Who fan in America about five years ago.

It's weird...I like to go browsing though bits of the political and semi-political blogiverse from time to time, see what's up and who's going down...Right now there's a surprising amount of chatter about transhumanism. To my great surprise, it seems there are actually people out there who take it seriously. This is what those on the Internets call a 'WTF?' moment. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm as eager for cyber-conversion as the next man, but the Rapture of the Nerds--the Singularity, uploading, Drexlerian nanotechnology, posthumans, anti-Semitic androids from another universe who serve a giant eaty brain monster--just isn't going to happen any time soon.

I guess a bunch of right-wing nutjobs on the Internets are techno-utopians. This is just silly. Shaping public policy around a blind faith that, sooner or later, technology will find a 'fix' for global warming makes about as much sense as shaping transportation policy around the idea that one day soon we'll all have TARDISes. But that's wingnuts for you.

Still, all this Rapture of the Nerds business has made for some good science fiction. Charlie Stross, Dan Simmons, and Ken MacLeod have all been going to town on it...Iain Banks has been doing it for ages now, effectively. Even Doctor Who gets in on the action: the new Cybermen are billed as an 'ultimate upgrade' for mankind. Why is this so hot right now? What's up with the Zeitgeist?

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